About Brand

CANMAX is a combination of "CAN" and "MAX" in English. "CAN" means "capability", interpreted as a sense of confidence, affirmation and commitment, and "MAX" means "biggest, most, highest", embodying innovation, enterprise and value. In the logo design, the symbol ">" and meaning were used to the CANMAX font processing in a rather ingenious way, and the symbolic elements of globalization were applied to analyze the brand concept of "creating infinite value" in the first time, that is to create products and services that are maximized and optimized with the value beyond customers expectation.

CANMAX is committed to meeting the increasing needs of customers, and takes this as the motivation of development, and creates more value with creative passion and advanced technology. CANMAX makes customers accept high-quality products and enjoy super value, also experience the greatest convenience and pleasure.

  • CANMAX has confidence

    Confidence originates from not only the profession, but also the consistent persistence and concentration of TA&A Ultra Clean

    In order to keep the leading technology all the time, TA&A Ultra Clean established Class10 high-tech dust-free cleaning center, antistatic laboratory, Jiangsu Province Enterprise Academician Workstation and Jiangsu Province ESD control Ultra-clean Engineering and Technology Research Center, timely grasping the technology development trend and customers' advanced demands, constantly enhance the research and development strength, and develop forward-looking technology.

    So far, with its extraordinary creativity, it has led and participated in the preparation of industry standards: General Specification for Antistatic and Cleanroom Garment and Fabric, General Specification for Ionised Electrostatic Eliminator, Cleanroom Wiper, Technical Requirements for Electrostatic Discharge Protective, which are issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. It has more than 50 technical patents, more than 10 proprietary technologies and materials formula, and 7 products which have been identified as high-tech products by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department.

  • CANMAX has responsibility

    TA&A Ultra Clean adheres to provide users and shareholders with the greatest value, which is our responsibility and mission.

    TA&A, adhering to scientific and technological innovation, has carried out in-depth industrial cultivation and developed from the previous single provider of antistatic and dust-free clothing into a one-stop integrated supplier focusing on diversified technical products such as antistatic and dust-free textile clothing, packaging materials, instruments, equipment and chemical products, as well as electrostatic and pollution-free prevention and treatment solutions. TA&A oriented A-class quality and A-class service at has successfully transformed to a one-stop integration supplier with CANMAX as the core logo of brand value.

  • CANMAX has commitment

    Integrity service is the brand cornerstone of TA&A Ultra Clean, and it is our constant commitment to customers.

    With CANMAX as the brand logo, TA&A Ultra Clean, adhering to the core values of customer first, integrity and compliance, dedication and responsibility, initiative and win-win cooperation, takes industrial operation as the core and capital market as the link, focuses on electrostatic and micropollution prevention and control, and vigorously develops electronic, medical and pharmaceutical and high-end manufacturing sectors. It is committed to becoming an international leading provider of electrostatic and micropollution prevention and control solutions, helping customers comprehensively prevent and control electrostatic and micropollution hazards, and continuously creating maximum value for customers.