Core Advantages


Advantages of integrated provisioning and overall solution

ESD control ultra-clean products are widely used, with low industry concentration and scattered customers. Canmax is one of the few enterprises that have the ability of overall solution design, independent development, product integration supply and quick response service, providing one-stop overall solution. Relying on the existing technologies and systematic design ability, on the principle of system balance, it customizes the overall solution of electrostatic and micropollution prevention and control for customers from the systems of human protection, process protection and environmental protection to meet the complex and diverse needs of customers. The company has a variety of products and complete specifications, supplying all aspects of the process to satisfy customers.
Further, with the advantage of leading integrated supply and overall solution, the company has been continuously improving relevant industry standards and norms, creating value for customers and society.


Advantages of technology research

The company is specialized in the development of antistatic ultra-clean technology products and related technology research, with 20 years' professional experience and abundant technologies in the industry. Through independent research and development, technology introduction and university-industry-research cooperation, the company has formed a leading enterprise technology innovation system and core in China. The company has been responsible for drawing up many industry standards. It has led and participated in the preparation of many industry standards: SJ/T 11412-2010 General Specification for Antistatic and Cleanroom Garment and Fabric, SJT 11446—2013 General Specification for Ionised Electrostatic Eliminator, FZ/T64056-2015 Cleanroom Wiper, SJ/T11587-2016 Technical Requirements for Electrostatic Discharge Protective, which are issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. In addition, it led and participated in the preparation of GB/T 33555-2017 Cleanroom and Associated Controlled Environments Technical Guidelines of Electrostatic Discharge Control, which is issued by Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China.
Canmax is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It has Jiangsu Province Enterprise Academician Workstation with the support of enterprise in China's antistatic ultra-clean technology products industry and Jiangsu Province (TA&A) ESD control Ultra-clean Engineering and Technology Research Center. The company has university-industry-research cooperation with experts of electrostatic and electromagnetic protection engineering, academician Liu Shanghe’s team of Chinese Academy of Engineering in the field of electrostatic science, and Institute of Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Protection of Ordnance Engineering College.
It has introduced advanced professional production equipment and complete testing equipment from the United States, Europe and Japan, and established advanced and complete testing center and Class10 high-tech dust-free cleaning center in China, which can effectively guarantee superior technology and quality. The company keeps following cutting-edge technology and close to market demand, maintains good interaction with customers, and can meet the personalized requirements of different customers in terms of technology, process and production environment. It immediately selects materials, designs process parameters, analyzes and verifies samples, so as to achieve rapid response, ensuring that product development in the industry is at a relatively advanced level and can continuously meet the increasing needs of downstream customers.


Advantages of valued big customer resource

Company's products are widely used in semiconductor, storage, new display, communication equipment, pharmaceuticals and medicine, aerospace and other fields. As for the quality and reliability of downstream enterprises, the company's products need to go through a strict certification process to enter the supply chain system of downstream valued customers. Once the company's products are certified, the company and the customers will have a solid long-term relationship. With high sense of responsibility, truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude, quick response service ability and perfect guarantee system, the company has a good reputation and popularity in the industry, which has won the recognition of many world famous customers. With years' effort of the company, the valued customer network has been set up and become a valuable resource, effectively guaranteeing the stable and sustainable development of the company's business.


Advantages of management team

Canmax has a professional, mature, stable technical and management team. The senior and high-quality technical team is proficient in China's ESD control and clean room control field. The members have been involved in the industry for 10 to 30 years, with a good theoretical background and rich professional experience. The core management team has rich industry and enterprise management experience. Since its establishment, the company has been continuously expanding and improving the talent cultivation, promotion and introduction mechanism, actively introducing various professional talents, and continuously cultivating internal employees of the company, so as to maintain a strong talent agglomeration advantage. The company adopts the way of senior management and business backbone directly holding the company shares and the employee stock ownership plan, and strives to ensure the employees can get in, stay and work well, which provides a strong talent guarantee for the company's sustainable development and business performance.
During the development, the company has emerged a large number of advanced technology management teams, which pushed for enterprise overall growth in terms of management, marketing, production technology and other aspects. TA&A, motivated by responsibility, pursues excellence, keeps innovating, devotes itself to developing forward-looking technologies, meeting the needs of continuous development of customers, providing creative value services and becoming a reliable partner of customers.