Technical Advantages

Focuse on providing total solutions of ESD control and cleanroom contamination control specialized in R&D, production and sales of ESD control and cleanroom products.

Master the proprietary technologies of the product, and ability to design for individual needs.

Have 90 technical patents and master many proprietary technologies, including key formulations (antistatic agent, finishing agent formulation, cleaning solvent), fabric weaving and finishing technology, ultra-clean laundry technology, film extrusion technology, high-speed coating technology, vacuum molding technology etc.

Canmax is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, establishing Enterprise Academician Workstation of Jiangsu Province and ESD control Ultra-clean Engineering and Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province.

In 2010, Canmax was approved to establish Enterprise Academician Workstation in Jiangsu Province, which conducts theoretical research, provides solution, develops material and cultivates talents in the field of ESD control technology, cooperating with the only academician team of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in the field of electrostatic science. In 2010, Canmax was approved to establish TA&A ESD control Ultra-clean Engineering and Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province.

Leading the preparation of industrial standards.

Led and participated in the preparation of four industrial standards: [SJ/T 11412-2010 General Specification for Antistatic and Cleanroom Garment and Fabric], [SJT 11446—2013 General Specification for Ionizing Static Eliminator], [FZ/T64056-2015 Cleanroom Wiper], [SJ/T11587-2016 Technical Requirements for Electrostatic Discharge Protective], which are approved and implemented by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China. Further, it has led and participated in the preparation of [GB/T 33555-2017 Cleanroom and Associated Controlled Environments Technical Guidelines of Electrostatic Discharge Control], which is approved and published by Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

Product performance has reached the international advanced level.

The key performance of cleanroom suit, cleanroom wiper, lonizing blower and other products reach or are better than that of the same products of international famous enterprises. Earlier, it has a Dynamic Class 10 Cleaning Laundry Center certified by the third party in the United States, whose treatment technology for particles, ions, silicon oil, volatile hazardous substances and other contamination larger than 0.5um particle size is advanced in China. It has established the Static Electricity and Contamination Analysis Testing Center with complete testing items, equipped with international advanced testing equipment, which effectively guaranteed the stability of product performance.