Antistatic Front Opening Jumpsuit with Hood

Type: 1000 (Jumpsuit with hood)

Product Specification (for reference)


Product Description

• Can be made with 2.5mm grid, 5mm grid and 5mm stripe.

• Front opening design of the jumpsuit is easy to put on and take off, elastic is used at waist, cuff and foot double sleeve.

• The hood is directly connected with the collar, with ear holes at both sides. The ear holes are made of imported fabric, and the velcro on both sides of the cap are matched with the mask.


• Surface resistance: 1x105Ω~1x109Ω

• Friction voltage: ≤ 100V (special mesh fabric)

• Static dissipation time: 5000V drops to 500V less than 0.1s

• APC(≥0.5 μm) ≤ 500ea/ft3  Class100~1000


• While ensuring the quality of the fabric, the Cleanroom garment also uses polyester filament yarn and conductive thread to effectively prevent the dust generated by the sewing thread itself and keeping the performance of each part connected.

• Particular overlock sewing process, effectively reducing the generation of particles and achieves good dustproof effect.

• The imported oil free high speed automatic tangent sewing machine is used to effectively control the generation of silicon oil.

• The garment is made of high-quality polyester filament and imported conductive thread, it has stable performance, well abrasion resistance and stable laundry performance, no lint generated during long term usage.

• Front opening design of the jumpsuit is easy to put on and take off.

Applicable Field

• Applicable industry: semiconductor, liquid crystal, medical, computer peripheral manufacturing industry, etc.

• Applicable to antistatic workshop and Cleanroom.

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.