PU ESD Safety Booties

Type: TA-1282

Product Specification (for reference)

MaterialFabric upper: Polyester
Non fabric upper: PU 
Sole: PU 
Point to point resistance, fabric upper1X105~1X108Ω
Resistance to ground, inner sole1X106~1X108Ω
Resistance to ground, wearer body9X105~3.5X107Ω
Sole resistance1X106~5X108Ω

*Test Conditions:

 Environment temperature: 23±2℃

 Relative humidity: 50±5%

 Conditioning: 24 hours

 System resistance: 1x105~1x109Ω

Product Description

• Stable antistatic performance.

• Toe Protection.

• The sole is soft and comfortable, good performance of flexing and abrasion resistance.

• Made of environmentally friendly materials, degradable.

• Excellent dust-free performance.


• Cleanroom boots are mainly used in conjunction with cleanroom garments as a very reliable ESD and contamination control system.

• Safty performance conform to national standard.

• The fabric upper and sole are made of ESD materials with good antistatic performance.

• The sole is moulded directly to the upper. The boots are light weight, making wearer very comfortable even after long hours of standing or walking in the cleanroom.

Applicable Field

• Suitable for foot protection processes or places in semiconductor, liquid crystal, circuit board, mechanical and injection molding and other manufacturing industries.

• Applicable to antistatic workshop, Class 100 / 1000 / 10000 and ESD protected area.

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.