Latex Gloves

Type: TA-1236

Latex gloves

• Size S, M, L


TA-1236 (12-inch)
TA-0928 (9-inch)

Product Description

Latex gloves is an essential hand protection product, which is made of natural latex and other certain additives. The products are specially surface treated and comfortable to wear. They are widely used in industrial, agricultural production, medical and daily life.

• Material: 100% natural latex.

• Latex gloves are divided into 9-inch latex and 12-inch latex.

• 9-inch latex is divided into 9-inch gloss latex and 9-inch matt latex.

• 12-inch latex is divided into 12-inch gloss latex and 12-inch matt latex.


• Fingertip part is matt, thickened, with high elasticity and various styles.

• Good tensile performance, fitted and comfortable to wear.


• Fingertip part is thickened to prevent breakage

• Matt fingertip part to avoid slipping

Applicable Field

• Applicable to class 10000 clean room for semiconductor, liquid crystal, PCB, integrated circuit, hard disk, etc.

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.