Sticky Roller

Sticky Roller

Product Specification

Film Material

Low density polyethylene

Adhesive Material

Water-based acrylic


4”/ 6”/ 8”/ 10”/ 12”


Blue/ white

Product Specification

Designed to be rollers, the base material is low density polyethylene material, the adhesive film is provided with a pre-cutting line, and the edge of the roller is easy to peel off with the non-adhesive edge.The water-based adhesive ensures no adhesive left when removed and make it easy to use with the handle. The PE coil core makes the product clean, pollution-free and keep the shape. The design of this product is advanced and reasonable, which can not only remove the dust and dirt on the surface of various objects, but also avoid the secondary pollution caused by the traditional cleaning tools to the product and the cleaning workshop.


The sticky roller has the function of self-adhesive dust removal, which can quickly remove the small particles, impurities, fibers, copper cuttings, dust, etc. generated in the production process of various electronic products, thus improving the yield of electronic products. Moreover, it can easily transfer the impurities to the sticky roller, and guarantee the self-adhesive wheels effectiveness for a long time. The sticky roller is designed with different tackiness, size and stable material characteristics. It ensures the product is highly tacky and durable, not easy to become aging and strip. The roller are moisture-proof, anti-friction, non-toxic, rust-free and pollution-free; handle comfortably and roller is rotated freely.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to the cleaning tools required for surface treatment when manufacturing products in PCB, PCB, LCD process, light guide, film precision printing, SMT, dust-free room, electronics, semiconductor and other industries.

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