Roll Wiper TA5020

Type: TA5020

Product Specification

•  12cm*35m

•  Size can be customized.

Product Description

Canmax has established the integrated production chain of clean wiper, which is from fabric making to fabric finishing, fixing to edge sealing, laundry and to testing of the wipers.

Canmax has implemented strict quality control on each production process of clean wiper, and own the Class 10 Cleanroom which has been certified by the NEBB.

Canmax has introduced advanced professional testing equipment, and accurated testing the clean wiper's performance of LPC, FTIR, IC, APC, SEM-EDX, NVR, FIBER, ROHS & HF, water absorption, etc.


• With Micro-denier fiber and hot melt sealed edge techonology to avoid fall off of fiber and Ultra-low particle generation in maximum extent.

• Laundered by 18MΩ DI water and packaged in Class 10 cleanroom;

• Smooth and soft cloth surface.

• No scratch on the surface of the cleaned objects.

Technical Parameters

• Weaving way: Knitting

• Fabric stripe: straight

• Basic weight(g/m2±5%):235

• Clean room:Class 10~10000(Customized)

• Sealed edge: Ultrasonic / Hot melt

• APC:≤100 Ea/ft3(≥0.5μm)

• LPC:≤2000 Ea/cm2(≥0.5μm)

• FIBER:≤1.0 Ea/cm2

• Cl-≤0.08μg/cm2


• Picture of fabric:


• Picture of fabric(260 magnification):



Rolling,1 roll/bag,6 bags/case.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to automatic cleaning process for large-size glass panels of TP lines.

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.