Moisture-Barrier Bag

Moisture-Barrier Bag

Product Description

• Aluminum and plastic composite vacuum packaging bag has excellent antistatic function. Pure metal aluminum layer has good barrier performance, which can prevent the influence of water vapor on the product.


It has characteristics as: antistatic, anti-electromagnetic interference, moisture-barrier, firm-sealed, good laminated capacity, puncture resistant; four-layer structure to ensure good performance on water-proof and oxygen-resistance.


• Antistatic, anti-electromagnetic interference, moisture-barrier.

• Strong mechanical properties, high blasting resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance.

• High and low temperature resistance, good heat sealing performance, flexibility, high resistance performance.

• Purifying shield bag can meet the high standards of cleanness.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to large precision machinery equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates moisture-proof, light-proof, vacuum packaging

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