Type & Specification


Product Description

Prescale film can precisely measure pressure, pressure distribution, and pressure balance.There are various types of prescale film available to fulfil your varying pressure range.(0.05∼300 MPa).

There are two types of Prescale. Mono-sheet type is composed of a polyester base on which the color-developing material is coated, with the micro-encapsulated color-forming material layered on top. Two-sheet type is composed of two polyester bases. One is coated with a layer of micro-encapsulated color forming material and the other with a layer of the color-developing material. Use two films facing the coated sides each other.Red patches will appear on the film wherever contact pressure is applied and the color density indicated will vary according to the differing contact pressure levels.


• The prescale paper has been precisely coated, and the micro capsules are evenly distributed.

• The quality defects in producing can be detected by pressure and pressure distribution to check the status of mechanical equipment.


• The micro capsules are evenly distributed, conveniently and intuitively checking the pressure distribution and uniformity.

• No special equipment or device assistance, direct use, low cost.

• Adjust the pressure equipment in the production process to make sure the required time is shorter and save time.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to computer fittings, sophisticated product, medical and other industries; involve measuring the fastening pressure of connection part, measuring pressure of base and liquid crystal, measuring contact pressure of roll, measuring contact pressure, measuring compression pressure, etc.

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