Real-Time Monitor (Wired)

Type: KD1002

Product Description

Canmax KD1002 is a new generation of digital monitoring system that can continuously monitor the working status of dual-wire wrist straps, work surface (mat) and equipment grounding system. Independent audio and visual alarms make it easy to identify the state of the grounding systems and operators. The monitoring status can also be displayed and analyzed on the computer with KEDAS software.

Product specification




Double workstation dual wrist strap, equipment, table mat



Grounding Resistance requirement(Ω)

Wrist strap to ground from 50KΩ~35MΩ (Adjustable)

Table mat to ground from 0~10MΩ (Adjustable)
Equipment to ground from 0~4Ω (Adjustable)

Status display

Wrist strap: OK-Green; HIGH-Red; LOW-Yellow;

Equipment / Table mat: OK-Green; NG-Red;

Function switching

Monitoring function of G1 and G2 may be alternated between equipment and table mat grounding with built-in DIP switches.


Stainless steel


Power adapter 1pc(Input: AC100-240V, output: DC9V 2A)
Grounding wire 3pcs (1.5m)

Grounding button for table mat 1pcs, Wrist strap socket 2pcs (wire)

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