Dual Circuit Wrist Strap Monitor (WiFi)

Type: KD1004-1


• Dimension: 122mm(L)*75mm(W)*28mm(H)

Product Description

Canmax KD1004-1 is a new generation of digital monitoring system that can continuously monitor the working status of dual-wire wrist straps, work surface (mat) and equipment grounding system. Independent audio and visual alarms make it easy to identify the state of the grounding systems and operators. The monitoring status can also be displayed and analyzed on the computer with supporting software.

By virtue of collecting the date of Dual-Wire wrist strap of two operators, equipment and work surface grounding, this monitor performs AD conversion, and the single-chip determines the working status of wrist strap, equipment and work surface grounding through the internal setting of resistance threshold, and it does not need to be adjusted through the traditional potentiometer.

This detector has the function of self-calibration every time when the wrist strap is powered on. After the device is powered on, the single-chip can self-calibrate the wrist strap through the built-in resistance, and the AD value of upper and lower limits is stored in the EEPROM.

Product Specification






Double workstation dual wrist strap, equipment, table mat

Grounding resistance requirement(Ω)

Wrist strap to ground from 50KΩ~35MΩ (Adjustable)

Table mat to ground from 0~10MΩ (Adjustable)
Equipment to ground from 0~4Ω (Adjustable)

Status display

Wrist strap: OK-Green; HIGH-Red; LOW-Yellow;

Equipment / Table mat: OK-Green; NG-Red;

LCD display screen show machine code/wrist strap resistance data / Equipment resistance data / Table mat resistance data

Outer Cover

Aluminum with painting


Power adapter 1pc (Input: AC100-240V, Output: DC9V 2A)
Grounding wire 2pcs(1.5m), Grounding button for table mat 2pcs

Serial port to ZIGBEE wireless module WLT2420 (antenna)

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