Real-Time Monitor (Grounding)

Type: KD1008-1


• Dimension: 122mm(L)*75mm(W)*28mm(H)

Product Description

KD1008-1 is a new type of digital ESD status real-time monitor, which can monitor the grounding status of eight-way equipment in real time, and display the eight-way resistance value on the LCD display screen. It can remind the user of the working status of the instrument in real time through sound and light alarm. The eight-way wireless grounding system online monitor can transfer stored data to the computer through the ZIGBEE. The application software can display measurement and analyze data in real time on a computer.

The product sets the machine code, resistance limit, and eight-way use/shield on the LCD display through the touch buttons on the panel.

Product specification







Grounding Resistance Requirement(Ω)

Equipment to ground from 0~100Ω (Adjustable)

Status display

Equipment to ground; OK-Green; NG-Red

LCD display screen show grounding data

Outer Cover

Aluminum with painting


Power adapter 1pc ( Input: AC100-240V, Output: DC9V 2A)

Grounding wire 9 pcs(1.5m)

Serial port to ZIGBEE wireless module CC2530 (antenna)

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