Wrist Strap Real-time Monitor (Double Work Stations)

Type: KD2002


• Dimension: 136mm(L)*66mm(W)*27mm(H)

Product Description

KD2002 dual-wire wrist strap online monitor (hereinafter referred to as the monitor) is a new generation of special monitoring device developed by our company, designated to detect and control the status of single-wire wrist strap. In addition to providing a channel for reliable discharge of human static electricity, conditions such as broken coil cords and improper contact with the skin are detected instantly to alert the operator before serious and expensive ESD damage can occur.

The device has a built-in microprocessor. After the setting of the board card number is realized through the external dial switch, multiple instruments are connected to the network through the RJ11 special fast connector plug. Then, the production line is used to upload real-time data to the upper computer (PC) through RS422 to USB converter for real-time data display and backup. The data is backed up in a data server. All computers in the factory that have access to this server can check the current production line's ESD control status in real time, which greatly improves the management efficiency. The operator can also review the historical data and check the report output. Such design is helpful for the comprehensive analysis of the production status of previous products.

Product features

• Real-time monitoring of wrist strap and ground system (including: human resistance, contact resistance between human body and wrist strap, wrist strap, wrist strap monitor, and ground wire), with audible and visual alarm functions: indicator light and buzzer.

• Fast response and reliable performance.

• Small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and simple operation.

• Monitoring function can be monitored in real time by computer.

Product specification






One Monitor with two operators wrist(feet) straps

Range of application

Single-wire wrist strap

Monitoring resistance

0.75MΩ~10MΩ (Adjustable)

Electrostatic discharge time

< 0.1s

Quality verification mechanism

Suzhou Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection

Input current


Input voltage

AC 9V  

Power voltage

220VAC 50HZ

Outer cover

Stainless steel

Weight (net weight)


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