Ion Nozzles

Type: IBG-230

Product Description

IBG-230 ion nozzles is a kind of photoelectric induction type electrostatic eliminator. The ion nozzles is used in combination with the high-pressure control power supply. A large number of positive and negative ions are generated by corona discharge, and the positive and negative ions are sent out with the help of clean compressed air, producing strong ionic winds to eliminate the static charge, foreign material and dust from object surface. It owns a lot of advantages, such as strong wind, high speed, and use of photoelectric induction switch to control the generation of gas source and high-voltage circuit, easy to use with high safety performance. Further, the ionic air snake adds a protective cover to the air outlet, protects the air outlet and the electric discharge pin, enhances its security.

This product can adjust the high-voltage amplitude according to the height of action and the balance adjustment circuit in the specific environment to achieve the best static electricity performance balance in the current environment. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient installation and good balance.


• Using far infrared automatic induction circuit control, hands-free operation.

• Balanced voltage can be adjusted.

• High-voltage power supply works stably with good ion balance and fast neutralization of static electricity.

• Integrated design of high voltage power supply and ion nuzzles.

• Unique design of the air outlet effectively extends the maintenance cycle of the discharge pin.

• Strong wind, good dust removal effect, adjustable air volume.

• Good grounding protection.

Product specification





Ion Production Mode

AC high voltage power which makes emitters happen corona discharge

Discharge Time

4600V AC

Decay Time

<2s(Distance: 15cm,From 1000V to 100V)

Balance voltage


Sensing range


Operating Voltage

220V AC @50Hz

Current Consumption


Length of Power Wire


Compressed Air Pressure




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