ESD Packing Trays(PS + PET)



• Upper and lower cover buckle structure, positive and negative pressure molding.

• ESD is not affected by air temperature and humidity.

• Uniform product wall thickness, good strength; Stable ESD performance.

• The product is sturdy and durable.

• Protect components from electrostatic damage.

Product Description

We has 22 full automatic plastic molding machines (including 1 thick GIESS double-layer compression molding machine and 2 thin slice compression molding machine), with an annual production capacity of 10 to 12 million pieces. The thickness of the molding material is 0.2-15mm, and the maximum molding area is 3500*2500mm. Provide ordinary ESD control, permanent ESD control, conductive and polymer electrostatic coating blister tray. According to the specific use and requirements of customers, it is recommended to use various cost-effective thermoplastic ESD control materials, such as HIPS, PET (PETG), GAG, PP, PC, ABS, etc., to guarantee the timeliness of electrostatic performance.

We have been engaged in:

• Design and production of high-precision ESD control trays for automatic line use.

• Class 100000 purification workshop with an area of 700m2, specializing in the production of the product with high cleanliness, in order to meet customers' increasing demand for high cleanliness trays.

• Provide ESD tray with high temperature resistance according to customers’ usage environment and requirements.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to automatic line operations, can effectively reduce labor costs

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