Intelligent Human ESD Tester

Type: KD3006

Product Description

According to the ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 standards, the product conducts security control and electrostatic control on personnel. Its main functions are as follows:

• Ensure the security control of the personnel, he/she should first swipe the card to identify before enter.

• The personnel's static status will be tested after wiping the card. When the ESD test meets the standard requirements, the gate will be opened to allow the personnel to pass, ensuring the ESD control of the personnel.


• Quickly test the ESD equipment and complete the ESD test once on three independent devices (left shoe, right shoe and wrist strap).

• The product has an external 8-inch LCD display, which displays the test information in real time, including the employee name, work number, department, test type and real-time resistance value.

• Cooperate with CANMAX's electrostatic door access control management system, conduct data collection, data storage and data export for personnel's safety and electrostatic control

• The electrostatic testing system is provided with 4 modes for selection

• Test hands and feet simultaneously, this mode is generally applicable to line operators;

• Only test the feet. This mode is suitable for those who need to enter the workshop but do not directly contact the products, such as QC, warehouse keeper, etc.;

• Only test hand, this mode is suitable for assembly line packers or logistics workers;

• Free test card, applicable to management/customer inspection workshop, pass through directly.

All modes are set on the software without manual conversion, with automatic identification of employee's rights by credit card.

Technical parameters

The recommended parameters as following:

• ESD control wrist strap: 0.75M~35M (qualified), not qualified in this range, test accuracy : 15%

• ESD control shoes: 0.75M~100M (qualified), not qualified in this range, test accuracy: 15%

Applicable Field

• EPA regional entrance

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.