Tripod Turnstile

Type: KD3008

Product Description

According to the ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 standards, the product conducts security control and electrostatic control on personnel. Its main functions are as follows:

• When the personnel needs to enter, they should first swipe the card to identify the personnel, which ensures the security control of the personnel.

• After the personnel wipes the card, the tester will be at static status. When the static test also meets the standard requirements, the gate will be opened to allow the personnel to pass, ensuring the static electricity control of the personnel.

• When the personnel leaves the factory, the card will be swiped to confirm the departure time.


• Dual integration of access control management and electrostatic testing;

• It has dual detection and protection function, that is infrared / mechanical double anti blocking function;

• Automatic reset. When the passer fails to pass within the specified time after the valid card is read and the electrostatic test is completed, the system will automatically cancel the passer's permission. After the limited pass time, the passer swipes the card again to pass.

• When a passer holds a valid card, the gate will be automatically closed after infrared detection indicates that the passer passes or the gate closure will be delayed after passer passes. The delay of 1-60 seconds can be set by itself through the menu.

• Recognizable IC card, ID card, etc.

• Clear direction of passage indication, LED display panel directly indicates whether passage is allowed or not.

Technical parameters



Aisle width


Traffic speed

30 persons/min


AC 220V ±10%


DC 24V ±5%

Nominal power

120 W



IP Grade


Environment temperature


Electromagnet voltage

DC 24V ±5%

Drive signal access

12V Status dry contact

Running test

3 million times, trouble-free operation

Communication access

TCP/IP、RS485、Wiegand 26

Mode of reading card

Second generation ID card, Residence permit , IC card /ID card, CPU card, etc.

Outer size



85kg(single core),115Kg(double cores)

Applicable Field

Indoor or outdoor (rain shelter should be installed outside)


Straight grain plate 304 stainless steel

Functional Configuration

Inspection items

Technical requirements

Main configuration requirements

1 set of gate assembly;

1 set of gate controller;

1 IC card reader;

Access to Infrared and button;

Supporting ESD test main board 1PC (including supporting power supply);

1 feet test pedal;

1 GB standard power bank plug;

Supporting access control management software 1PC.

Access control performance index

Speed: >30 persons/min

Opening and closing time: 0.2 seconds

Average number of failures: >3 million

Swing gate controller can store 80,000 IC card information and 320,000 personnel passing records

Access control function requirements

Have identification system, that is, IC read-write system can grant pass permission to passer. Select personnel test/pass mode according to authorization (including wrist strap, feet, wrist strap and feet, wrist strap or feet, no permission, infinite permission, etc.);

Have the function to pass the test once in the set period and do not need to test again;

At least 8 normally open periods can be set within 24 hours, and the down/upper gate will be automatically lowered according to the set period;

Have the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt;

It is convenient for software personnel to import and export records. Personnel card records are automatically stored, easy to inquire and extract;

All intelligent devices have fully considered the security requirements. After the system is cut off, the channel remains open;

It can realize network operation and offline operation according to customers' requirements;

Standard input and output interfaces facilitate the integration of the channel system with other devices;

After the read-write system reads the valid signal, it will be electrically unlocked and electrically drive bar, passers can pass without drive bar.

Communication requirements

The system is stable without communication abnormality (except equipment failure)

Capable of multiple series connection with PC network

ESD measures the performance of the motherboard

The system resistance of the wrist strap/shoes can be tested.

Single-wire and dual-wire wrist bands can be tested simultaneously.

Feet can be tested simultaneously.

The test results are automatically recorded and the test data can be queried and counted up and found abnormal data.

ESD test main board functional requirements

Test range of 750K~100MΩ

Factory setting: upper limit 35M, lower limit 750K; FOOT upper limit 35M, lower limit 750K. Specific parameter can be set according to customer requirements within the scope of 750K~100MΩ, test precision is: 10%.

Operating temperature




Access control light: red - not allowed, green – normal


Input: 220V、50Hz

Meet other requirements:

1. The wrist strap socket is placed on top of the gate. The integrated single-wire wrist strap and dual-wire wrist strap socket are on the lower side of the board

2. Place the pedal according to the customer's requirements



Do not wear gloves or press the metal test button with your fingernails. Please do not touch the wrist connection button or wrist buckle with your palm during the test. Keep pedals dry and clean. The supports should be placed on dry ground. Private demolition and maintenance is strictly prohibited.

Applicable Field

• EPA regional entrance

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.