Nitrile Gloves

Type: TA-1223


• Size S,M,L


• TA-1223(12-inch Class 100 Nitrile)
• TA-1235(12-inch Class 1000 Nitrile)
• TA-1267(12-inch Powder-free Nitrile)
• TA-0970(9-inch Powder-free Nitrile)

Product Description

Nitrile gloves are rubber gloves that are mainly synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. Nitrile gloves have good dust-free performance and physical properties and are widely used in various clean rooms. As a dust-free workshop that is increasingly strict with cleanliness requirements, nitrile gloves are the most critical part of the entire protection system as a direct contact product; The gloves have the categories of class 100, class 1000 and ordinary class, which can provide customers with better choices.

• Material: 100% Rubber

• Nitrile gloves: 9-inch and 12-inch Nitrile

• 12-inch Nitrile: Class 100 Nitrile, Class 1000 Nitrile, powder-free Nitrile.


• Good abrasion resistance, with certain oil proof, chemical defense, acid and alkali resistance

• Decay time: 0.1 sec (from 1000V to 100V)


• Various styles, low fabric generation

• No finger mark residue for gloves in Class 100, strict control of ion, silicon oil, LPC and NVR.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to class 100~10000 cleanroom for semiconductor, liquid crystal, PCB, integrated circuit, hard disk, etc.

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