Shielding Bag

Shielding Bag

Product Description


“Faraday cage” effect to protect product safety; Excellent antistatic function, ensure static electricity discharge slowly.


It can effectively isolate the articles from the external electrostatic field, prevent the generation of static electricity in the bag, protect the articles from the electrostatic damage, and also prevent electromagnetic interference. Applicable to PCB, LED and other electrostatic sensitive electronic components.


• Protect electrically sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to the greatest extent.

• Semi-transparent conductive metal layer is in the middle, so it has good ESD control and anti-static shielding performance.

• The inside and outside product are made of materials that can eliminate static electricity, which can prevent the generation of static electricity in the bag.

• Available to vacuum packaging.

• Purifying shield bag can meet the high standards of purification and dust-free.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to electronic components, integrated circuits, hard disk storage, and other industries.

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