Cleanroom Swabs 1302

Type: SC-1302


• 79mm


• Slim


• Sharp


• The tip is made of degreased Australian filament cotton with special processing.

• The cotton stalk is made from original paper pulp.

• Dust-free and environmental protection, they are excellent cleaning consumables.

Product Description

Cleanroom swab, also known as cleaning cotton swab, cleaning swab rod, is a kind of clean cotton swab produced in the cleanroom, and a kind of clean consumables. Purified cotton swab basically includes: degreased cotton swab, sponge cotton swab, cloth cotton swab and foam cotton swab. The purified cotton swab is completely produced in the class-1000 clean room (partial class 100), which ensures the cleanliness of cotton swab. The whole production process is fully automatic assembly line, which integrates cotton swab molding, size inspection, cotton swab drying and cotton swab packaging. AOI automatic optical inspection in process setting can eliminate the bad shape cotton swabs. Moreover, our company has advanced testing instruments, which can strictly monitor the cotton swab dust-free control indicators, such as silicon oil and LPC, to guarantee the quality of products.


• The filament cotton used in the cotton tip has a higher moisture absorption rate than other fibers, and low fibres generation; After soaking the solvent, it has the advantage of high efficiency water absorption, and cotton tip is not easy to be loose and deform.

• The particles and liquid absorbed by the cotton tip go into the cotton hole, do not fall out or easily squeeze out, and have good locking ability. It can eliminate pollutants and keep clean in the special environment of production process (cannot be scrubbed by wiper), and the chemical residue is low after scrub.

• The swab stick is made of raw pulp, has good hardness and toughness.

• Cotton swabs are flammable, easy to dispose and environmentally friendly.


• Cleanroom swabs have low fibres and ionic generation, which can be used for products with higher cleanliness requirement.

• High strength of swab stick, not easy to break, make it easy for customers to clean in perforated and angular intervals.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronic and optoelectronic products and other industries, laser and related industries, semiconductors and related industries.

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.