ESD & High-Temperature Tape

Type: TRTP306


• Width: customized according to customers' requirements.

• Length: 33m/ volume (regular)


• Color: yellow

Product Description

Anti-static high-temperature resistant masking tape, with excellent high-temperature resistant and antistatic performance, provides high temperature shielding protection for PCB plate or important areas on board under wave welding process. It is made of antistatic materia, surface resistance and volume resistance 1*105-1*109Ω, effectively discharge electrostatic charge, applicable to paste electrostatic sensitive devices, package bag sealing, etc.; Has a certain heat resistance, can be used in high temperature environment.


• Heat resistance of 200 °

• Unwinding voltage ≤100V

• Surface resistance: 1E5~1E11

• Peel adhesion ≥3N/25mm


• There is no adhesive residue after tearing when used in high temperature environment, which will not cause bad pollution.

• Good antistaticl performance to avoid poor electrical characteristics of components.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to circuit board wave soldering process, protect the connecting finger and other jacks on the circuit board.

Storage Requirements

• Storage conditions: 10-30 ℃

• Relative humidity: 40-70%

• Surface resistance: 1E5~1E9

• Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (over 40 ℃) high humidity (75% RH) environment.

• Storage life: 12 months.

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.