ESD Green PET Tape

Type: TRTP862G


• Width: customized according to customers' requirements

• Length: 33m/ volume (regular)


• Color: green

Product Description

ESD control green PET tape, a PET tape with organosilicon as the adhesive, has good antistatic performance. It is made of antistatic material, surface resistance and volume resistance is 1*105-1*109Ω, effectively discharge electrostatic charge.


• Uncoiling voltage ≤100V

• Surface impedance 1E5~1E9

• Stripping resistance ≥5N/25mm


• Good antistatic performance to avoid poor electrical characteristics of components.

Applicable Field

• Applicable to circuit board, laptop, mobile phone, etc., paste electrostatic sensitive device processing and packaging bag sealing.

Storage requirements

• Storage conditions: 10-30 ℃

• Relative humidity: 40-70%

• Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature (over 40℃) high humidity (75% RH) environment

• Storage life: 12 months

* The above information is for reference only, subject to corresponding specifications.